Commemorating 10-10-10 in photos

OK so I saw this on a friend's facebook page and it looked like fun.  The idea is to post a photo on the hour every hour of whatever you are looking at right then, no doctoring allowed, no retakes.  Sounds like a challenge right?  Well I'm always up for a bit of a challenge so here goes.  If anybody else wants to join in the link is below

Commemorating 10-10-10 hourly photos

Since I didn't see this until almost 11 o'clock the first photo is a pic of what I was looking at at 10am but not taken at 10am (otherwise I can't fit in 10 pics)

10am - Putting Ruby and Rascal, my rabbits, out in the run to munch on the never yet cut new turf.  It has been down over a month now and really needs a good cut.  My son Jack and I put it down ourselves and as we'd never done anything like it before I think we did a pretty good job.  However it's a terrible photo! Taken quickly as I had just noticed the camera battery warning indicator was flashing red.

11am - On Facebook! (Not a huge surprise there).  This is moments after I read about the challenge on Jax's FB feed.  The autumn sun is steaming in the windows behind me making me wish I was anywhere outside rather than stuck in here cleaning (and going on facebook in my coffee break!).  Now to put the battery on to charge so it's ready for the next photo!

12 noon - Doing the ironing! Oh most hated of Sunday's tasks for most people but sadly I actually enjoy it!

1pm -  Folding nappies

2pm - Two for the price of one!
Eating lunch (Cheese and cucumber sandwiches and cherry toms)

and watching Jack and Max play Mario. 

3pm - 2 confessions: 1) I just missed the hour because I was cutting this grass, 2) I've had to cut the left side of the photo off as it had our address clearly printed on the bin and this is a public blog (and sadly there are some very weird people out there)

4pm - Preparing vegetables for dinner. 

5pm -

6pm -

7pm -

8pm -

9pm -

10pm -