Making Stuff

Following on from the bracelet I made a couple of weeks ago, I made 2 more. One I really like, the other is a little bit "something and nothing" and I'm not so keen.  Good job it's too small then and I am likely to be restringing it...

Today I decided I was sick and fed up of not being able to get high vi vests in small sizes so bought some hi vis material and made my own!


They haven't been worn yet so I'm hoping they'll fit ok!


Mother of four said...

Love seeing the things you have made recently, I especially loved the bracelet that you posted about previously. Are the vests for your young charges? Guessing they’d be too small for your own two.

Lima said...

Thank you :)

Yes the vest are for two of my minded children. They fit a treat and the little ones loved them so we all happy.
Conversely I found some on the internet a few hours after I'd finished these but we're going to keep the ones I made. :)